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What is Apostille stamp?

  • An Apostle or Apostille stamp is a certification of the document by a convention country. In few and simple words, you need that stamp to all the papers that the Town Hall requires. Apostle or Apostille is a stamp you must obtain from YOUR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its purpose is to authenticate the legal papers you will send us. The Apostle or Apostille stamp is a pre-printed form prescribed by the Convention. Only those nations party to the Hague Treaty will recognize the apostille certification. Below you will find the list with countries members and where you can get the Apostle stamp. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must get the stamp from YOUR country NOT from Greece. This rule doesn't apply to all countries, contact us for more information and to check for any changes.

  • Member States of the Hague Conference which are Contracting States to or have signed this Convention (if you come from any of the below listed countries you must get  an Apostle or Apostille stamp) Please click on your country to see where you can get it from:












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